Cara Marshall is a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Wellness Practitioner.  She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and is registered with the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada.  Her training includes  Reiki, Shamanism, Cranial Sacral, Visceral Manipulation, Nutrition, Nia and Psychosomatics. During her spiritual journey she also awakened her innate abilities as a medium, psychic and intuitive.  She works with crystals, herbs, and essential oils, and infuses their healing benefits into her daily life, sessions and classes.  She believes it is essential to continue to  open up to the WHOLENESS within.

Everything exists within….Let’s OPEN the DOOR to YOU!


Life is supportive, understanding, caring, joyous, loving and connecting.  When we believe and trust in this philosophy our minds remain peaceful, bodies flow naturally,  souls smile in truth, and WE experience TOTAL WELLNESS!

It is important to believe that YOU have the ability to live YOUR best life.  All it takes is OPENING the DOOR to YOU!


My purpose is to SERVE, TEACH and SHARE…..so that WE can ALL experience our soul’s truth, love and bliss.   Anam Cara’s mission is to continually grow, learn and LOVE LIFE even more each day!  I want to share this excitement and truth with others, and in return….for myself as well…. With LOVE and LIGHT guiding my path, I have created services and offer classes, workshops and events that will help YOU DISCOVER YOU and the LIFE your soul desires.


I live in the country, overlooking the Rocky Mountains in Longview, AB, with my husband (Jason), two sons (Tait & Jager), and animals (Lily, Rosie, Vanilla, Doc and Hot Wheels). I love watching the sun rise and set each day, the smell of nature, and the birds singing when I sit on my veranda swing.  I enjoy a a good book, soaking in a bath, hiking, camping, swimming, sitting by any body of water, teaching and connecting with people, of ANY AGE!  I am fascinated with listening to other people’s journeys…… my heart immediately opens wide and I get happy inside.  I am grateful that my work allows me to experience this on a regular basis.  I love sharing my work to the world and I look forward to connecting with YOU!

Cara’s Spiritual Journey

Gosh, where do I start?  I could actually write a book describing ‘my journey’, however, keeping in mind this is a website, I will simply highlight the turning points in my adult life that stood out and helped me ‘awaken’, live my truth and ‘find’ my bliss.

  • The birth of my children.  Noticing my physical everyday life was not in alignment with my life’s desires.  (Illumination expanding my confidence and self-esteem)
  • Re-defining my work, to allow new passions to enter. (Dissolving limitations)
  • Waking up and noticing that I was choosing to sit and watch television rather than being active with the kids.  Therefore making the ‘choice’ to start living a healthy lifestyle…working out, completing an olympic triathlon, taking nutrition classes, and learning to eat clean. (Releasing victim thinking and opening the door to me)
  • Losing a sister in the physical form.  (Accepting spirituality, my soul, universal energy and my life path; Dissolving blockages)
  • Attending workshops that brought awareness about ego, and ‘seeing’ clearly ‘my’ limitations and expectations.  (Expanding/growing from the inside…..finding out ‘who I am’)
  • Meeting my spiritual mentor and becoming a Reiki Master, incorporating Reiki in to my every day life.  (Connecting my inner and outer worlds)
  • Leaving my engineering career and embracing the years of experience I had as a teacher/mentor.  Acknowledging it was a stepping stone along my life’s path.  (Walking through the doorway….to ME)
  • Bringing awareness in as to what brings me joy…..thus taking further training….cranial sacral, visceral manipulation, Shamanism, Nia White Belt, Psychosomatics (Choosing the path of Joy)
  • Entering the School of LIFE….(embracing the movie I am choosing to experience)

Message from Anam Cara

We all have turning points throughout our lives, however, many times these ‘turning points’ go unnoticed and we continue to live out our lives through belief systems that may or may not be ‘ours’.  Our awareness is soooo caught up in external business that we hardly take the time to listen to “ourselves”.  When we take the time our truth becomes clear, ‘labels’ fall away, judgement and expectations become ‘lessons’ and our path to bliss becomes ‘easier’……all contributing to the expansion of our souls.   How we ‘achieve’ this is unique for each and every one of us as we are all here collectively experiencing ‘life’ through our individual experiences.

I feel very blessed and thankful for my journey thus far and am grateful for all the experiences that have lead me to this life of sharing love and light.  Thank-you for connecting with me through this website, may your path be filled with joy, happiness, love and bliss.

xoxo Cara Marshall

Anam Cara - Your Soul Friend

Before going to Cara for healing I was a little “lost”. I was unsure of myself, my direction, and to be honest of my own thoughts. I had a lot of hurt, fear, and anger inside of me. I found that every session that I did with Cara brought me more clarity and confidence.  I was […]

Kristy Leier

I took my level 1 & 2 Reiki certificate and my daughter took her child’s level 1 Reiki certificate with Cara she is an amazing teacher who loves all what she does, I would highly recommend Cara she is a beautiful lady inside and out

Julie Urwin