Classes for Youth

Classes by Anam Cara~Your Soul Friend, are located out of Longview, Alberta (South West of Okotoks, West of High River, and South of Black Diamond).  Here your child will have the pleasure of attuning to Reiki Energy and/or Discovering I AM, while enjoying the inspiring beauty of Mother Earth.

If you are interested in having your child attend a class and the date has not yet been determined, please send me a message as there may be others waiting for future dates.

If you are interested in a private one-on-one class or wanting to arrange a private group classes please contact as me as well for further details.


Click on the icons below to take you to the specific Class, or click on the Classes Tab in the Menu Bar above and follow the pull downs.


Questions? Wanting to sign up for a class but it’s not currently available? Send me a note: