I AM! Anam Cara’s Metaphysical School for Kids


3 day personal empowerment class and/or summer week-long day camp for kids – “The QUEST” — I AM!!!!

It’s time to create a nurturing SPACE FOR CHILDREN to discover THEIR power in this world (aka: Who am I?)….and to teach them how to strip away the external stresses they are subconsciously (or consciously) “putting” on themselves. The role of the Anam Cara, or soul friend, is to see behind the “mask” and illuminate the souls truth in a safe healing manner.  Let’s support our children and empower them to be the MOST POWERFUL TEACHERS they already are!!!


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During this 3-day PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT & HEALING CLASS, each child will ignite their INNER LIGHT, connect with their PERFECTNESS and discover their strength, boundaries, creativity, power, self-worth, self-love, confidence, self esteem, intuition, and purpose.  WE are all uniquely PERFECT, and when we understand and accept who WE are (ALL of us)… the vision becomes clear and spontaneous healing follows. …it looks something like BLISS 🙂

Children will “discover” themselves through spiritual playfulness, individual and group healing sessions, various workshops and continual sharing. ALL Healing will be tailored by spirit to meet each child’s needs.  Our mission is to acknowledge and embrace, “Being uniquely YOU, IS the PERFECT YOU!!!”  aka – “I am awesome and I know it”

A sample weekend will unfold as follows:

Friday Night (4:30 – 8:00pm)

  • Gather, Clear and Connect
  • Vision board workshop

Saturday (9:30am – 7:30pm)

  • Guided Meditation
  • Chakra Learning
  • Crystal Learning
  • Movement with Nia (sensing our bodies)
  • Connect with Intuition (oracle cards/pendulums/higher-self/animals/numbers/etc)
  • Individual Healing Sessions and Craft time
  • Body Messages (Healing)
  • Fire Ceremony and Drumming

Sunday (9:30am – 3:30pm)

  • Gather, Clear and Connect
  • Astrology Learning
  • Healing Essential Oil Spray Workshop
  • Closing Ceremony

Throughout the weekend discussions around nutrition, holistic healing, and indigenous wisdom will be incorporated.  Children Classes include nutritious, wholesome, organic (as availability allows) meals, snacks and drink.  Please advise, in advance, if the child attending has any allergies.

Classes are offered out of my home in Longview, Alberta. Directions will be provided upon order confirmation.


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