On-Line Vision Board Workshop with Fawna Bews & Cara Marshall


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2021 will be a year to bring in and CREATE NEW….

Fawna Bews Connects and Anam Cara ~ Your Soul Friend, will be sprinkling NEW Energy for their 9th Annual Vision Board WORKSHOP….. 🙂  

They will continue to share the meditation, guidance, supportive energy, intuitive approach to board creation, and ultimately the final intuitive reading of the boards…however, this year they will be adding to this already AMAZING experience, the COMFORTS of your OWN Home.

“We see the creation of a Vision Board like taking a journey to a mountain top so that you can take an overview of the terrain (in this case the next year). We’ve broken down the journey into stages, you can decide if you want to start up with us and move on independently or go with us all the way.”

The FULL ADVENTURE went Live on January 10, 2021, and is NOW AVAILABLE for ON-LINE purchase (including an intuitive reading of your board).  You will still have the option to purchase the gear (supplies) or use your own.

Stage 1: BASECAMP: Connecting & Centering where you will receive pre-recorded videos preparing you for the journey.   This includes a breakdown of how to create your 2021 vision board along with a guided meditation to bring you to center prior to creating.  

Stage2: GEAR & Creating building your board.  You may use your own supplies, pick up a supply package prior to your creation date, or choose to have a gear package mailed to you.  Should you chose to have your package mailed, please allow 7-10 business days.

Stage 3: VIEWPOINT: Reading & Activating (receive an intuitive reading and ignite your visions)  All Viewpoint readings will be offered LIVE up until Jan 24, 2021 (should you choose to receive one).  After this date 30 minute private readings will be video recorded and sent to you via email.  Group Reading Dates are listed below in the check out option.

Please read the description section below for a detailed breakdown of each stage and the FULL ADVENTURE   

With the exciting flexibility added to our workshop creations we are also happy to announce……there will be NO LIMIT for the number of participants….Woohoo!!!!!

So invite friends and share away.



Vision Boards created with universal guidance are a beautiful way to connect with your higher self’s vision for the up-coming year. Come join us in a virtual workshop as we teach you how to co-create your 2021 visions with the universe. It is never too early or too late to start 🙂

The FULL ADVENTURE includes 3 Stages, with or without the gear (your choice).  Should you chose the Full Adventure WITH Gear, please allow time for mailing, alternately, opt for curb-side pick up of your Gear.  You may however choose to register for one or two of the stages independently, depending on your vision board needs 🙂  

Stage 1: BASECAMP: Connecting and Centering (preparing for the journey): 

You will receive a recording explaining the wisdom of what a vision board is, how it works, the ways in which you may choose to create your board, and how to add in the intuitive process.  We will go over the choices you have in making this the best Vision Boarding experience for you.

You will also receive a pre-recorded guided mediation to bring you to center to set the stage for creating your 2021 Board.

Stage2: GEAR – Creating and building your board;

You may choose to pick up your GEAR prior to your creation date, use your own supplies, or have the GEAR mailed to you.  (please allow time for mail delivery).  

For the SUPPLIES part of the Creating Process we are adding a NEW TWIST

a) You may choose to self-prepare for the creation of your board by having all your supplies ready ahead of time.  (ie: clippings, magazines, markers, paints, board, scissors, glue, etc). Whatever you feel you would like to have for your creations…simply have it all together prior to when you decide to sit down and build your board.


b)  You may choose to have a supply package sent to you, from us, that would include intuitively picked clippings, a board, scissors, glue, and markers.  (Curbside pickup available).

 How the clippings work:  Fawna and I will tune in to your energy and pull clippings on your behalf….we will fill a small bag with clippings to send to you (with extra).  During your creating day, YOU will then intuitively (or selectively) pick clippings from that bag to place on your board…..You may also choose to add some of your own clippings or printouts or photos to the mix….we simply suggest to have any extra clippings, computer print outs, photos, stickers, or whatever, available prior to your creating process.

PLEASE allow 7-10 business days for the delivery of a package.  

Note: you will still have access to Stage 3 (The Viewpoint) regardless of your choice during this stage.

Stage 3: VIEWPOINT: Reading & Activating (receive an intuitive reading and ignite your visions) 

The final stage is the VIEW….AHHHH…..

This is where you ignite and share your board.  Past students have said “this is where the MAGIC really happens.”

The intuitive reading consists of reviewing the placements, colors and images of your clippings, stickers and or paintings and provide guidance as to what it all represents in your life and what the universe and your higher self is telling you is important for 2021.

LIVE group readings will be offered on pre-selected dates for a maximum of 6 participants per date, up to January 24th.  Should these dates fill up, there will be an option to receive a private 30min recorded reading emailed to you (for an additional fee.)


Thursday, January 14, 2021  6:30 pm

Sunday, January 17, 2021 9:30 am (FULL)

Monday, January 18,2021  6:30 pm

Thursday, January 21, 2021  6:30pm

Sunday, January 24, 2021  9:30am

You will have the option to register for the FULL ADVENTURE (including ALL 3 STAGES)…..with the option to have the gear mailed to you, curb side pick up or you utilize your own materials,

OR, you may select the Stages that work for you and register independently for each stage.

With the exciting flexibility added to our workshop creations we are also happy to announce……there will be NO LIMIT for the number of participants….Woohoo!!!!!

So invite friends and share away.



Create away!!!

Vision Board Workshop Supplies

The Gear

Additional information

Weight N/A
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Registration Options

Full Adventure (with Gear, and GROUP Reading) – indicate in notes for pick up or mail, Full Adventure (with Gear, and PRIVATE Reading) – indicate notes for pick up or mail, Full Adventure (without Gear, and GROUP Reading), Full Adventure (without Gear, and PRIVATE Reading), Base Camp Only, Gear Only (indicate in notes for pick up or mail), Viewpoint Only (Group), Viewpoint Only (Private)

Viewpoint Selection (even if not opting for a reading)

NO Viewpoint, Thurs Jan 14 @ 6:30pm, Sun Jan 17 @ 9:30am (SOLD OUT), Mon Jan 18 @ 6:30pm, Thurs Jan 21 @ 6:30pm, Sun Jan 24, 2021 @ 9:30am, Private Date


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