Reiki Level III (Master / Teacher)


In this mentorship/program the student becomes a qualified Master/ Teacher of Usui Reiki.  The program is designed to take the students healing practise to a far higher level of awareness both personally and for public practise.  To determine if you are ‘ready’ for this next step most students ask themselves ‘why do I want to become a Reiki Master/Teacher?’.  The answer helps one ‘decide’ whether or not he/she is ready.  Most students will feel they have a desire to share the gift of Reiki, and have been living by the Reiki Principles for a minimum of 12 months and want to immerse themselves on a life-long Reiki journey.  As a Master/Teacher, you have a commitment to yourself to continue to be the ‘master’ of your own life.  Living a life with Reiki is about living without anger or worry, and being thoughtful, grateful, kind, calm, confident, conscious and happy…It is the door, that when opened, allows one to live life in bliss.




Choosing a Reiki Master to mentor with is a very personal decision. Please feel free to call or email Cara  to connect and discuss if this the program is right for you before purchasing. (Phone 403-993-8576 or




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