The Love Retreat Release•Restore•Rewire


Upcoming Date:

Sat March 2, 2019 (10am-4pm)

Co-hosted with Melanie Dawn Yoga

Experience a day completely devoted to YOU….commencing with a circle gathering of releasing all that the mind and body has been holding on to, coming in to intention and connection with SELF. Moving in to a relaxation response that will combine a practice of restorative yoga with hands on relaxation adjustments using essential oils, reiki and yoga nidra, assisting with the release and rewiring of the body to better support your intentions and desired growth.

Combining Reiki Energy with Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra has the ability to create powerful surges of prana, allowing more life force to flow through each chakra assisting in whatever your Soul desires. Accessing life force releases the parasympathetic nervous system and allows your body to naturally recover, rejuvenate and create new beginnings from a place of peace, truth and love.

A journalling practice will also be offered throughout the day to capture the enlightenment of the day, and a closing circle will bring into alignment the radiance of LOVE that guides you along your journey of Life.


Location: Spirit Wood Retreat Center, Pridis, AB

(10am – 4pm)

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$150 (lunch included)

A day devoted to you and the reconnection to your intuitive self, the inner-guru.

All the answers we seek lie within. When we allow ourselves the permission to make space and find inner stillness our bodies intelligence network comes alive.

Join us for a day that provides the ingredients to heighten your connection to intuition and to reconnect with the essence of love. 

The Love Retreat Ingredients include:

Circle connection with meditation and journaling

Gentle opening of the physical body using restorative yoga linked with calming breath work

An awakening of your energy system using hands on reiki with essential oils

Opportunity to connect with your intuitive guides one on one 

Permission to be exactly as you are

A delicious lunch, nourishing your body 

Yoga Nidra, a form of guided meditation known to be a powerful tool for transformation 

This is a day for you. A day for you to be supported, heard and to receive unconditionally.

Space is limited to 17


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