Services for Adults

My hearts truest desire is for people to see the Spiritual Being they are and the greatness that already exists within them.  Through my service to life, my aim is to be a beacon and illuminate the Path of the Soul; and  to help clients release physical, emotional and mental pain, blockages and/or fears, such that they may fill their cup with wholeness, clarity, direction, truth and love.

I work with people who are curious about spirituality, healthy living, nutrition, holistic healing and/or intuition… (newbies and seasoned….we are always opening to more)

I work with people that would like a ‘top up’, healing, Divine guidance, answers,  clarity and/or direction.

I work with people that have lost loved ones and would like to connect with them and their spirit guides to receive messages and guidance.

I work with people who feel  “there’s got to be more to life than this”.

I work with people that have physical body pain and traditional medicine doesn’t seem to be ‘doing the job’.

I work with people that have experienced a trauma in their life (any form) and would like to feel whole again.

Anam Cara Services ~ what to expect?

Below are videos providing brief overviews of what you can expect in each ‘type’ of service offered.

After a session with Cara, you will leave feeling calm, CLEAR, CONNECTED, inspired, activated and WHOLE!

Intuitive Readings 

Wellness Sessions & Packages

Shamanic Sessions

How do I book a Service?

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Information provided is for guidance only and is subject to your own interpretation.   What you decide to do with the information is your own personal responsibility and choice. My services are not a substitute or meant to replace services by any physician or other health care professional.