Services for Youth


Children truly are our GREATEST TEACHERS; and I am blessed and grateful to be working with these beautiful souls daily. I am a child advocate at heart; wanting to elevate the voice of our NEW Spiritual Children, and assist parents as they connect with, learn from and support their children…kudos to you parents awakening to this new way of living!

Children of the MILLENNIUM 

Children are ‘challenging’ us in ways we’ve never been ‘challenged’ before… which I say, AMEN.  Society is discovering there are many children that don’t seem to ‘fit the mold,’ or ‘follow the rules’….and most are described to have the following characteristics:

nonconformist,  impatient,  unusually creative,  highly intelligent,  empathic,  spacial learners,  spiritually aware and psychic,  super sensitive and /or  confident

We are acknowledging these beautiful children, through the channels of support, however it feels to me that even with our steps forward, the new support is being created from old experiences; what worked in the past, what didnt, etc.   WHAT IF, we dot have it totally correct…WHAT IF, these beautiful children are OUR greatest teachers….the beacons, showing us the way to a new way of living… that stems from abundance, love and compassion…. These children know what is ‘important’ in life, and follow their innocence (aka wisdom) when ‘making decisions.

Let’s empower these children with the gift of exploration, helping them remain connected to their radiant inner light!

Services for Children, What to expect?

Anam Cara’s Services for CHILDREN were created to provide a place for your children to grow along their spiritual path, to trust in their essence and being, and to feel excited for their uniqueness in life. Cara has a comforting, playful nature that adds fun and lightness to her sessions, allowing children to be themselves.  Not only does she support these children, she also reminds them of ways they too can use their intuition for their highest good, along their personal  life journey.

  •  Wellness & Energy Sessions provide energy alignment for the mind, body and soul.
  • Intuitive Talk Therapy Sessions provide a healing space for your children to talk about anything and everything while receiving affirmation and clarity from their guides.
  • Power Animal Sessions provide a sense of support, safety, understanding and excitement, and help your children understand more ‘why they are the way they are’.

How do I book a Service for my child?

Click on the icon categories below to reach specific services, or click on the Services Tab in the Menu Bar above and follow the pull downs to obtain further details.

Questions? Wanting a service that is not listed?  

Anam Cara works with many modalities in her personal life that have not been created as an offered service,  however, through discussions she can let you know what possibilities she has available, and if that doesn’t seem to be what your child is ‘needing’, through intuition, she may be able to recommend other services form colleagues in the area.