Get Back to Nature


Get Back to Nature 

Monday Evenings, 6:30-8:30pm (June 5, 12, 19 & 26th) 

Kananaskis Country (Sheep River Provincial Park and Bluerock Wildland Provincial Park) 

NO Hiking experience Required.

Get Back to Nature and recharge  this June with Heart Wild Adventures. On Monday evenings leave your daily routine behind and be reminded of  your natural essence using the principles of Forest Bathing and Nature Healing Activities. Every week you will enjoy connecting with all your senses as you truly experience the beauty of nature.

You will be invited to get back to your natural essence through intuitive connection and earth healing.  As you walk through the forest and take time in stillness to connect with the elements your brain will begin to reset….letting go of your everyday stresses while reconnecting to peace and serenity.  In this more relaxed, connected and present state you will be able to experience your Natural essence and may even receive intuitive insights, guidance and clarity from Mother Earth herself.

* Please read description below for further details and information related to waivers.


Get Back to Nature 

$80/Person (pre-register for all 4 dates)
$25/person (Pre-register) 

This Heart Wild Wellness Adventure  is for anyone who feels the need to get outdoors…to turn their phones off, to spend time away from their many distractions and enjoy the present moment in the forest with no objective other than to allow themselves a moment of peace, healing and re-connection.

We will meet at a specified trail head each week  and mindfully walk to the desired location (approx. 20-30min walk maximum).  Cara will start the Forest Bathing by calling in the 4-directions, Mother Earth and the Elementals and will then guide you into a Forest Healing Activity for a minimum of 20min.  When finished we will walk out as a group and give thanks to the Forest prior to your departure.

Here are some photos of previous Adventures


• Opening and Closing Ceremonies 
• Personally selected Forest Healing locations (meet up location to be emailed the Sunday prior to date). Note: All Locations will be within Sheep River Provincial Park or Bluerock Wildland Provincial Park Districts.) KANANASKIS CONSERVATION PARK PASSES ARE REQUIRED. 
• Connection to the Earth, Self and others
• Journalling (if inclined) 
• Sharing for Healing, and 
• Fresh Air, Love and Light
All gatherings will run rain or shine, as we like to think of weather as part of the experience, however, Heart Wild Adventures reserves the rights to cancel or revise forest gathering locations/details whenever conditions are deemed unsafe for participants. All cancellations will occur  within 2-3 hours of an event. Under the circumstance that HWA cancels a GATHERING, all participants will be fully refunded in full (for the day of the cancelled GATHERING). No fees will apply.
Comfortable, light weight hiking shoes or boots generally work the best. Shoes must enclose the entire foot and toes (no open-toe sandals, or water shoes in warmer seasons). Whatever footwear you chose, make sure you have worn them in advance of your trip to ensure they fit well and are comfortable.
Clothes that are comfortable enough to layer. (I like to wear long pants, to protect from branches and such, a tank, long sleeve and jackets for layering).  Ensure your back pack is large enough to pack your clothing should you decide to remove layers. 
Please also bring a garbage bag, or small towel to sit on if the ground is wet, and maybe a small blanket to wrap up in should you feel a little chilly.
Recommended items include snacks, water bottle (or bladder pack), sunglasses, toque or ball cap (depending on weather), mittens or small gloves, sunscreen, bug spray (seasonal), lip balm, camera, journal and pen, and layering clothes for weather. Feel free to bring hiking poles with  you, should you have them (not necessary).
*It is also good to have a whistle.  HWA will have bear spray and first aid equipment with them at all times.


No previous hiking is required. These are nature walks and forest bathing to take in the elements.  A general rule of thumb is to be able to carry a pack weighing 10-15lbs while hiking (walking) approx 20min.  You are responsible to carry your own gear, snacks and drinks.


All of our excursions take place in beautiful K-Country…and yes that means we will be entering the homeland for bears, wild cats, moose, elk, deer, mountain goats, big horn sheep, snakes, bugs and more! We would like to bring awareness to the fact that there is always a potential of encountering one of these beings on our outing, so if you have a ‘crippling’ fear of seeing any of these animals, these GATHERINGS may not be for you. You may want to consider booking a Signature Healing Session with Anam Cara prior to your first HWA.  That being said, encounters do happen, and it is our goal to keep you and the animals safe.
Also, keep in mind it can get very hot, or very cold and/or wet quickly so please be prepared for all weather conditions.
As well, please be prepared that mobile reception in the mountains is typically poor to non-existent.


Smoking of any sorts (including vape pens) is not permitted during our adventures.


Heart Wild Adventures does not permit pets on any of our adventures. As dog lovers we wish this was not the case. We cannot control other off leash dogs that may walk through and how they interact with your pet. This variable can be extremely disruptive and dangerous. We hope you can understand.


FOREST GATHERINGS are family friendly (10+ recommended), and are suitable for people who enjoy a meditative, and spiritual outdoor experience.


Group Size:

HWA would like to preserve our trails and respect other hikers. Gatherings, at this time, will be limited to a maximum of 16 participants.
 Traveling as a group:

When you sign up for a HWA you are signing up to walk and gather as one unit. Our objective is to stay together. Please do not leave the group to hike on your own. At no time in the trip will you be permitted to leave the group and hike on your own. 

Safety & Liability:

Heart Wild Adventor facilitators are NOT Certified Travel Guides. Know that HWA has your best interest in mind and that Cara Marshall has been Certified with Wilderness & Remote First Aid & CPR Level C in the past  

Note: All trip details are subject to change based on weather & trail conditions. There is inherent risk involved with outdoor recreation. You will be required to sign a Covid Waiver, Waiver of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Express Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement before departing on any Heart Wild Adventure. As well, clients must follow all safety procedures set forth by their facilitators while participating in a HWA. Clients are ultimately responsible for their own safety during any of our trips.
We encourage you to read over each of the forms. No persons who refuse signatures will be permitted on any Heart Wild Hike events.

HEART WILD ADVENTURES are designed for YOU to get back into Nature and back to YOU!


Please feel free to contact me at [email protected]. No matter your interest in Heart Wild Adventures I look forward to talking with you, and hope to see you on the trail.
Your Soul Friend,


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FULL Series (All 4 Dates), Monday June 5, Monday June 12, Monday June 19, Monday June 26

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