Anytime of the year – Virtual Vision Board Workshop with Fawna Bews & Cara Marshall


An INTUITIVE APPROACH to Vision Boarding where the leg work has been done for you……NO more spending countless hours in search of photos, clippings, words, etc…..we have you covered!!  ALL SUPPLIES are offered, including your clippings.  Yes…you heard that right… on and you will see how.

ANYONE can regsiter, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE….woohoo 🙂

What you will receive:

  • A video  providing guidance and instructions that teach you how to INTUITIVELY create your board.(similar to what is offered during in-person workshops)
  • A pre-recorded guided meditation video to get you centered and ready to create.
  • A Supply package, depending on your request, that may include all or a portion of the following items: a blank canvas board, glue, scissors, markers and a baggie filled with intuitively selected clippings for you to use.  (See Details Section below)
  • A 30 minute video recorded Intuitive Reading of your board explaining what is in store for your future. This will be emailed to you after the completion of your board. (See Details Section below)

What are your options for registration:

We’ve broken down the journey into 3 stages and you get to decide if you will sign up for the full adventure or pick and choose what stages you would like to register for.

  • FULL ADVENTURE includes all 3 stages (mentioned below
  • Stage 1: Instructions and Guided meditation
  • Stage 2: Supplies for your creations (full package, clippings only or use your own).
  • Stage 3: Intuitive Reading of your board explaining what is in store for your future.

Please read the description section below for a detailed breakdown of each stage and the FULL ADVENTURE prior to registering.  

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Vision Boards created with universal guidance and intuition are a beautiful way to connect with your Soul’s vision for the future. Come join us in a virtual workshop as we teach you how to co-create your vision board with the universe. It is never too early or too late to start 🙂

Choose to Register for the FULL ADVENTURE (including all 3 Stages below) or choose to  pick the Stages that work for you.  

Stage 1: Instructions and Guided Meditation 

You will receive a video recording explaining the wisdom of what a vision board is, how it works, the ways in which you may choose to create your board, and how to add in the intuitive process.  We will go over the choices you have in making this the best Vision Boarding experience for you.

You will also receive a pre-recorded guided mediation to bring you to center to set the stage for creating your Board. (Note: as the energy shifts in our collective world,  a new meditation will be recorded and uploaded. You will receive the most current version of the meditation).

Note: you still have access to Stage 2 and/or 3 regardless of your choice during this stage.

Stage2: Supplies and Creating your board;

You have the option here to have a Full Supply Package mailed to you, a portion of the supply package mailed to you or no supply package mailed at all.  For Full Adventure Registrants , you will have the same options available.  In the registration pull down you will see the options broken out.

Our suggestion:

  • For  newbies – the convenience of receiving a full package ready to go may be  the way to go.
  • For experienced vision boarders – you may only require the clippings, or no supplies at all.
  • We have made it easy for you…..Simply select the option that meets your needs.

a) Should you choose to purchase the Full Supply Package:  You  will receive a baggie filled with intuitively picked clippings (see description below), a blank vision board itself, scissors, glue, and markers. ALL the materials you require to create your Vision Board is provided.  The supply package will be mailed to you directly (please allow time for mail delivery).

b) Should you only require the Intuitively Picked Clippings you may select the option ‘Purchase Clippings Only’. This baggie will be mailed to you directly (please allow time for mail delivery).

c)  Should you choose to simply use your Own supplies, then simply select the ‘No Supplies Required’ option.  If you choose to use your own supplies we simply suggest to  self-prepare for the creation of your board by having all your supplies ready ahead of time.  (ie: clippings, magazines, markers, paints, board, scissors, glue, etc). Whatever you feel you would like to have for your creations…simply have it all together prior to when you decide to sit down and build your board.

How the intuitively picked clippings work:  Fawna or I will tune in to your energy and pull clippings on your behalf….we will fill a small bag with clippings to send to you (more then what will fill your board).  During your creating day, YOU will then intuitively (or selectively) pick clippings from that bag to place on your board (explanations are provided in Stage 1)…..You may also choose to add some of your own clippings or printouts or photos to the mix….we simply suggest to have any extra clippings, computer print outs, photos, stickers, or whatever, available prior to your creating process.

Note: you still have access to Stage 1 and/or 3 regardless of your choice during this stage.

Stage 3: Intuitive Reading & Activating (receive an intuitive reading and ignite your visions) 

AHHHH…..The final stage…..the VIEW.

This is where you activate and share your board.  Past students have said “this is where the MAGIC really happens.”

The intuitive reading consists of Fawna and/or Cara reviewing the placements, colors and images of your clippings, stickers and or paintings and providing guidance as to what it all represents in your life and what the universe and your higher self is telling you is important for your upcoming months (very similar to receiving a card reading).

All readings are provided via a video recording by Fawna and/or Cara.  We ask that you email or txt photos of your completed vision board (including the front, back, and sides….anything you have created on).  We will then complete a zoom, shared screen reading of your board and email the recording to you within 7 business days.   This private reading is approximately 30min.

Note: you still have access to Stage 1 and/or 2 regardless of your choice during this stage.

With the exciting flexibility added to our workshop creations we are also happy to announce……there will be NO LIMIT for the number of participants, NOR a LIMIT on when you decide to create your vision board……maybe even get together with others and create together….Woohoo!!!!


Create away!!!

Vision Board Workshop Supplies


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Full Adventure (With Full Supply Package), Full Adventure (With Clippings Only), Full Adventure (No Supplies Required), Stage 1: Instruction & Guided Meditation Only, Stage 2: Supplies Only (Full Package), Stage 2: Supplies Only (Clippings Only), Stage 3: Intuitive Board Reading Only

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