Reiki Share


 Max 13 participants  (FULL)

A Reiki share is for EVERYONE who enjoys or is curious about Reiki and it’s benefits (all ages, no experience required). The share is guided by Reiki Master/Teacher, Cara Marshall.  All participants will give and receive the healing energy of Reiki. There will be 2 tables for sharing, facilitating up to 14 participants. Each participant will be on the massage table for approximately 8 minutes.  

We will start the evening  by talking about Reiki and its’ benefits, what is to be expected during the share and then we will move into a centering exercise prior to commencing the share. Once everyone has been on the table we will come back together in circle to talk about the collective energy. We will end with a small closing of gratitude.

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Reiki Share

All ages welcome 

Note: Reiki is  not a substitute or meant to replace services by any physician or other health care professional.

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