Thank-you for taking time to connect with Anam Cara ~ Your Soul Friend.  My name is Cara Marshall and I am a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive Therapist & Healer in the Okotoks / High River  and Calgary area. Sessions and Classes are offered virtually or, if available, out of my home in Longview, AB.

I share Monthly Intuitive Readings along with Spiritual and Wellness Guidance videos on my  YouTube channel – Anam Cara Marshall (Welcome Video below).  If you would like to receive these videos regularly simply subscribe to my channel, or friend me on Facebook where they are posted as well. 🙂

Why Anam Cara?

I truly believe in the magic of Soul Friends, and I believe when we connect with our Soul Friends we are able to penetrate deeper into understanding who we are and what lights us up from within (what some call your purpose).  As stated by author Craig Clark, your Anam Cara sees behind your mask and shows you the way of your Soul.  Your Anam Cara helps you see who you really are and awakens what is already perfect within you.

 We are ALL beings of Love and Light; everything is within us……all it takes is Opening the Door to YOU!


message from cara marshall – ‘opening the door to you’

When you OPEN the Door to YOU ….an awakening occurs in your mind, body and soul, allowing you to connect with your souls truth, clarity and love.  Sometimes this isn’t as easy as it seems (says ego).  Sometimes, “we need a little help from our friends”.   As Your Soul Friend, along with your willingness, I will help you overcome any stressful situations, relationships or events so that you can take action with confidence, soulful clarity and direction. I will help you remove blocks and masks, retrieve pieces of our soul, fill you with life force energy, truth and love, and help YOU move into your WHOLENESS.  If this interests you please feel free to Open that Door and browse my website for detailed information.

With love and light guiding OUR paths, I look forward to connecting with YOU soon.

Anam Cara Marshall ~ Your Soul Friend

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