Children are our Greatest Teachers


Children truly are our GREATEST TEACHERS; and I am blessed and grateful to be working with and learning from these beautiful children daily. I am a child advocate at heart; wanting to elevate the voice of our NEW Spiritual Children, and assist parents as they connect with, learn from and support their children…kudos to you parents awakening to this new way of living!


Children are ‘challenging’ us in ways we’ve never been ‘challenged’ before… which I say, AMEN.  Society is discovering there are many children that don’t seem to ‘fit the mold,’ or ‘follow the rules’….and most are described to have the following characteristics:

nonconformist,  impatient,  unusually creative,  highly intelligent,  empathic,  spacial learners,  spiritually aware and psychic,  super sensitive and /or  confident

We are acknowledging these beautiful children, through the channels of support, however it feels to me that even with our steps forward, the new support is being created from an old paradigm, ie: what worked in the past, what didnt, etc.   WHAT IF, we don’t have it totally correct…WHAT IF, these beautiful children are OUR greatest teachers….the beacons, showing us the way to a new way of living…..showing us how to change the way we perceive life. These children know what is ‘important’ in life, and follow their innocence (aka wisdom) when ‘making decisions.

Let’s empower these children with the gift of exploration, helping them remain connected to their radiant inner light!


Anam Cara created Sessions for CHILDREN to provide a place for children to grow along their spiritual path, to trust in their essence and to feel excited for their uniqueness in life. With Cara’s comforting, playful nature that adds fun and lightness to her sessions, children are allowed to be themselves during a session. Cara simply asks them what is going on and connects intuitively with them to illuminate the light within the situation. Children leave feeling more joy, supported and self-empowered.  Not only does she support these children, she also reminds them of ways they too can use their intuition for their highest good, along their personal  life journey.


  • Intuitive Talk Therapy provides a healing space for children to talk about anything and everything while receiving affirmation and clarity from their guides.
  •  Energy Based Therapy provides energy alignment for the mind, body and soul, integrating and releasing energetically what was discussed during the talk therapy portion.
  • Power Animal Sessions may be offered to provide a sense of support, safety, understanding and excitement, and help children understand more ‘why they are the way they are’. Children connect with their power animals when dealing with difficult situations, battling nightmares, and when they are trying to “figure things out.” As a parent, I know first hand they LOVE their power animals guidance; and for me, knowing my children’s power animals has helped me understand how to connect with each of them individually.

Shamanic Healing

Below is a video providing a brief overview of what can be expected in each ‘type’ of shamanic service.

At Anam Cara, ALL Shamanic Sessions begin with a conversation; where we talk about what is going on in your life and what prompted you to book a session.  We will call in the directions to be with us, smudge the energy and get you comfortable laying on the couch as I begin to drum.  Drumming allows us to relax and become still.  It is in this state I am able to enter the energetic field to gather the appropriate information for each session (Power and Totem Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, or Journey).  Once I have completed all my work in the energetic field, I gently bring you back from your relaxed state and relay all the information I have received to you.  The session ends with another smudge, energetic work to integrate your Spirit Animal or soul pieces back into your own being, and a bit more drumming over your body to end the session. 

Power Animal Retrieval:

A power animal is with you from the moment of conception until physical death in this life-time. It is here to help you align with your soul’s purpose and path. Every single human has a power animal with them, all it takes is allowing the Shaman to journey into the animal spirit dimension to find your power animal, bring it back and CONNECT it with your awakened mind, body, and soul.  When you receive your power animal you awaken it’s energy/medicine within you, and deepen your understanding of SELF. You may call on your Power Animal to help you through a difficult time, provide you with insight, and for protection.  Your Power Animal is excited to unite with YOU….allow this re-connection to occur and feel the gift of deepening your connection to YOU!

Totem Animal Retrieval: (Must already have your Power Animal)

A totem animal is an animal that enters during specific stages in your life.  These stages may be a short while or a long period, depending on the life lessons you are experiencing.  They are here to provide a message, guidance, strength, and protection to assist you along your divine path.  You will have many animal totems in this life-time, all it takes to find which animal is with you at this stage in your life is to allow the Shaman to journey into the animal spirit dimension, with your Power Animal, and find your totem to bring it back for you to receive it’s medicine and messages.  As you connect with your Totem Animal you will find you will pass through the experience with more understanding and wisdom.

Soul Retrieval:

A Soul Retrieval is a very healing practice, as it can leave one feeling more whole, connected, and safe.  During times of trauma (any type) or life altering events, it is understood that a piece of our soul actually breaks away from our being, as it is unable or unwilling to experience the trauma or event. Each soul piece that breaks away takes with it an energetic quality, leaving us feeling disconnected, lost, stuck, fearful, trapped, anxious, or “like something is missing”.  The Shaman journeys between the physical and spiritual worlds retrieving pieces of your soul that have been lost or fragmented during these times of trauma in your life-time and then returns to re-integrate these pieces of YOU back into your life in a healed form. To have a Soul Retrieval session one must already have their Power Animal with them.


When you are looking for extra guidance and perspective, and you already have your power animal, journeying is a way to travel and receive your souls higher guidance. Maybe you are experiencing a feeling of frustration, or you’re stuck, blocked, depressed or anxious? Your shaman will journey to the spirit realm and gather information to relay to you for your highest good, healing and clarity.

What 12 days of the Wild Rose Detox was really like!

wild rose detox 12 day kit

I completed my first-ever detox in July/August 2016…….woohoo!!!! Wild Rose Detox kept creeping into my awareness and after having it show up three times in a couple of days….I figured it was my body’s way of asking for it to be drawn in…..My body was wanting a detox ♥


“I Love Food….I don’t want to starve, or add stress into my life.”

I consider myself to be a person who is very conscious of what and how I am eating. I have been “eating clean” for over 8 years now…with the occasional sweet or two…keeping it ‘real’ 🙂 lol….BUT… I knew this was going to be a whole new experience for me….I felt it was a renewal, in a sense. Everything in our lives seems to cycle….and nutrition is not excluded from that. It was time to check in, and see where I was at as a whole. Did I have any leftover beliefs floating around in my cells keeping me from experiencing my wholeness? I was going to find out soon enough!!!!


I went to the local Natural Foods store and purchased a kit for myself. I found out TIP #1 – it is good to start this detox on a Sunday…minimizing the number of weekend days detoxing ♥

I was getting myself prepared…reading the booklet that came with the kit, and sharing with my family at the supper table what I was going to be doing. To my surprise, my husband and youngest decided they wanted to join me as well (my youngest son,10, did not take the supplements). My oldest son, well…different story. He is a teenager, and the door to sweets has opened…lol (another topic for discussion). He was very happy that his good friend invited him to his cottage for a week so that he would miss most of the detox 😉

The universe was looking out for me….a total godsend! I had a friend out-of-the-blue, loan me her copy of the Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox Cookbook for Cleansing….She felt the recipe ideas could help along the journey…..BOY did they ever!!!! TIP #2 – have recipes on hand!!!  (more on that further down) Thank-you Deanna for the insight!

I typically do not eat refined sugar, nor do I drink juices, or alcohol much, and I LOVE fresh, whole foods, vegetarian and raw food meals…..I figured this could be a breeze for me…..

As I read through the detox information, I discovered there was a list of foods you CAN’T EAT!!!! yup!!! limitations!!!

My nervous system responded immediately, alarming me that I was feeling ‘controlled’ in some way. This was a TRIGGER for me, that connected way back to an old belief around food being ‘comfort’ and that no one but me determined that.  It was interesting to see this rise up so quickly. I was able to see it clearly and was able to remind my cells, ‘I am/we are’ are choosing this with total freedom’. I am grateful for the spiritual tools in my toolbox that have assisted me during these times. If you are new to reprogramming old belief systems within you, my suggestion is to book a deep healing session to help bring you into alignment prior to starting your cleanse.

I KNEW this was why nutrition was presenting itself to me again…..there was an emotional thread still in my around ‘comfort’ and ‘food’.

Here is a list of some of the CAN’T’s during the program and my initial thoughts.

  • dairy
  • I knew this would be difficult.I really enjoy having cheese and Greek Yogurt as a snack.
  • gluten, flours, pasta’s
  • I figured this would be a challenge…but I was up for it.  I have a slice of toast every now and again, kamut noodles, homemade pizza, wraps, or sandwiches.    
  • red meats
  • not difficult at all…I like chicken, turkey and fish most…and the only real red meat I eat is bison.
  • tropical fruit, bananas, grapes
  • this was going to be hard in my smoothies, that I have for snacks, as I like to add them for variety, and most of my green smoothies have one of these in them
  • fermented foods
  • This includes vinegars….not hard for a few days….but after awhile I was ‘thinking’ salad dressings will get boring. 
  • processed foods
  • not too difficult….as I make a lot of my own sauces or dressing
  • coffee and black tea
  • not a prob….I typically drink herbal every day anyway.
  • no cooking oil
  • not so hard, I would simply use water and add oil after food was cooked….we were allowed butter but I did not eat much. 
  • mushrooms
  • I love them, but I could live without for a bit. 
  • Peanuts
  • I love natural peanut butter…so that was at first a feeling of being limited….not having it for diversity was what I noticed. Almond butter became the overall substitute….which I like anyway.

After going through what was ‘allowed’ and what wasn’t’, my plan was to create a list of meal and snack options that I could make and enjoy throughout the week. This totally helped!!!! TIP #3 -create your meal and snack list prior to starting.

make a list of possible snack options
make a list of possible breakfast options
make a list of possible lunches
make a list of possible suppers
make a grocery list from above and get groceries

DAY 1:
lemon dressing,
washed veggies to be ready for a couple of days,
made a vegetable stock,
boiled eggs,
brown rice and quinoa
Comments: I am super excited about the healthy food…YUM! All is well. Went through my day as usual. I did notice I was craving something sweet after my meals….I sat with it and was able to release the old belief around control and comfort food.

DAY 2:
INTO the PROGRAM already!!! Topic of discussion – ‘toilette talk’…and not the fun kind :0

Comments: The herbal supplements started to work around lunchtime…..yup… I was going every hour or so….little bits….NO CRAMPS or anything….just releasing. I could tell it was from my organs. Jay (my husband) on the other hand….nothing….still typical…just a bit more.

Also noticed how much I still connect with food as a comfort. It is ok to enjoy my food, however, I was noticing that I include it in almost everything I do. I bring it along with me for hikes, going into town, sporting events, etc. I noticed that a few of these ‘to go’ snacks were not as healthy as they could be. Great awareness!!!

I was going through the withdrawal already….lol. Similar to coming off the refined sugar….just not as drastic. MIND was working overtime….really aware of what I CAN’T have…even though I was loving what I could. It’s crazy how when I was told “I couldn’t have something” how much my mind thought about it….

DAY 3:
Limitations on my daily routines!

Comments: Due to the amount of ‘popping’, after every time I ate or drank…I noticed I was almost subconsciously choosing NOT to drink my water, as I didn’t want to be in the bathroom yet again, but I did WANT WATER. I felt very STUCK in the house…and I wanted to get out, but didn’t want to because of the bathroom issue. I considered stopping if the poop didn’t stop by Day 4. TIP#4: You may want to book a distance reiki session to bring more ease and grace to the detoxification process. Having a session with Reiki stimulates and assists your body’s natural healing process…including detoxification. Click here if you would like to book a Reiki healing session with me.

Today was also more awareness of the snack attack!!! Wanting Carbs…but I was also getting dehydrated. Overall Energy was well.

DAY 4:

Comments: held back on fluids for early morning, and then my poops went back to soft. YIPPEE!!!! felt more free. I went for a Reiki Session, which allowed my organs to completely relax into what was happening. Felt pivotal.

I am still finding I ‘want’ dessert after supper. Which is odd, because I typically do not eat dessert. Definitely, an emotional aspect coming up for release.

DAY 5:
MIND getting too involved!!!

Comments: I was noticing that I was getting full easily…..BUT…I was VERY frustrated with coming up with creative ideas on what to eat… supper time I was feeling a heavy load of responsibility…..and feeling like I was stuck. I typically do not put limitations on my ‘healthy’ diet…..but it was bringing me back to when I was cutting unhealthy foods out.  I was frustrated, because some of the foods I was not ‘allowed’ to have…WERE HEALTHY!

I was GRATEFUL for the recipe book that was lent to me. I went through it again to re-inspire me for ideas. It became apparent, that when I had a meal plan…all was well. But when I didn’t I felt frustrated….like ALL I was doing was preparing or creating food, and I had to make sure the ingredients were ‘allowed’.  Good to see the value I put on food, planning, me, etc.

Another aspect that can help during these ‘mentally challenging times’ is reiki healing sessions or intuitive talk therapy sessions.  Click here if this resonates with you.  Having sessions pre-booked would be extremely helpful.  They help you come back to your center, assist the process, and overall bring mind, body, and soul healing.

DAY 6:
Venturing OUT into the ‘REAL’ world….

Comments: Today I was out a lot…and not letting the food consume me. Although I will say I felt I had to be prepared with food….so that I wouldn’t feel like I needed something to eat and didn’t have anything. Went for a hike and brought snacks, and then went for supper at a restaurant with family that came into town. I will tell ya….I was allowing the thought of “What am I going to eat” to stress me out.  I went to the restaurant and did very well with ordering what I could eat…..and noticed I didn’t even care about what others were eating. it didn’t bother me. I felt like I had accomplished something….and it felt good to know I could eat like this anywhere, any time 🙂

At this point I had NOT lost a pound on the detox, not that that was my goal or anything,…. I had as I have heard most people do. I was concerned that maybe I had increased my stress and thus was not losing weight. My husband had already lost 7lbs, and I thought it odd that with all the cleansing and releasing….I thought my weight would drop.  I had read that my body was at a good weight and that because I had been eating pretty clean already that detox was immediately working on my organs.   This made sense to me, so  I went with it….

DAY 7 – 12: Continuation….FLOWING, NOTICING and HEALING

Comments: During these last 5 days of the program my energy remained the same, I could feel my organs purifying, and each day I felt gratitude for being able to make it to this segment of the program. I was becoming more aware of what foods I could eat….so I was able to create based on those ingredients.  I will say though, that I was still struggling a bit around supper time…..I was DONE coming up with ideas as to what to eat…then I remembered..….that was something that would frustrate me even before the….just this time there were more rules around the creativity….so it was amplified. I noticed I had a belief around rules, control, and responsibility….I DID NOT LIKE THEM….I found it hard to limit myself to something that I KNEW was NOT bad for my body…like mushrooms, and fermented foods. I was noticing how I had emotions connected to FOOD!   I took some time to go to the core of these beliefs so that I could release them and heal.



No I did not. If anything, I ate more than I did when I was not on the detox. Maybe because I was really trying to make sure I ate what I was ALLOWED because for some reason when I had the belief of ‘limit’ I was subconsciously feeling ‘if I don’t eat what I am allowed to, I will be hungry’. Crazy how the mind can work.  I am grateful for the awareness and being able to release that belief.


No, I did not…however my husband did. I sat with this for a bit, and realized that when on a detox the main goal of the program is to purify the organs…however if there is ‘other stuff’ to get through first, the body will do that first….and then get into the organs.


Yes, I believe I did. I am glad to see how that showed up for me. I haven’t been one to have stress about eating things that I “shouldn’t be”…If I chose to eat a full large-size bag of chips, I wouldn’t feel afterward that I shouldn’t have…or while eating them…saying I shouldn’t be having this…..I would totally enjoy what I was eating and that would be it. I did notice, however, that the STRESS of not being ALLOWED to eat foods that I KNEW were HEALTHY…..that was hard.  I wasn’t able to let that go….until I brought about more knowledge…..The reason the foods are ‘not allowed’….are not ALL because they are bad for us…take for example mushrooms.  The reason we are not to eat mushrooms is because mushrooms hinder or slow down the process of the HERBAL DETOX….the DETOXIFICATION of the organs!.  AND the whole concept behind the Wild ROSE Detox is to RE-SET YOUR ORGANS….in a sense. What would have helped me was to infuse Reiki healing sessions throughout the duration.  I did do self-reiki every day, which helped, but sometimes I find when I receive reiki from another person, I am able to FULLY relax into it.


You betcha!!! Going in to this, I thought it was really just going to give me a kick start or refresher on eating even more clean! I was not expecting the MENTAL GAME! For me the journey was around healing the Mind and emotional body. as it was being ‘used’.


• My energy levels remained consistent. I did not experience a low, nor did I feel any flu-like symptoms as others have stated.
• I DID NOT lose weight! I am at an average body weight for my size, and this diet was close to what I was typically eating anyway. My husband did lose weight, and his eating habits are slightly different then mine, with eating out for work.
• It certainly showed me where my emotional connections to comfort food were, and my frustrations around being told not to eat something I KNEW was good…..I discovered that when I have a ‘reason’ as to why I can’t, and it aligns with me…then I can flow with it.
• I noticed that my skin and eyes seemed brighter…This detox did help me increase my good fats and omega 3’s.


• I will introduce more almond milk, as a substitute for coconut milk in tea, or cows milk in cereal.
• I am aware of my NATURAL sugar intake now…and I will reduce the amounts I use. I will add other fruits to my green smoothies….not always tropical 🙂
• Over the years I forgot that I used to keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge for snacks. I will continue to have this available.
I will continue to add cold-pressed flaxseed oil to food.
I will add lemon dressing to my salads more often as well.


Start on a Sunday, and pick a time when your social calendar is relatively slow. It is definitely easier when you are in the comforts of your own home. This applies to the bathroom issue, and to help manage temptations at friends or out.

Be ready to poop in public….it will happen, unless you stay home for the full 12 days.
Have Detox friendly recipes on hand prior to doing the detox. Other than the recipe book I had, I have heard you can do an ingredient search on all recipes to get ideas. Have a meal Plan ready for the first 5 days, and have all the detox friendly foods ready in your fridge. Prepare dips, ahead of time.

Understand this is a DETOX….not a weightless program. Yes there will be some that lose weight but not all. This is about getting clean, and helping your body’s digestive system.

Pre-book Energy Healing Sessions to assist you through the journey.  Especially around Day 3 or 4, and again around Day 8.  Book here if this aligns with you.

This is an AMAZING Detox, and I will definitely try it again.  I LOVE learning more about my emotional and physical bodies and how they interact. <3

If you have any questions or comments I would love to hear from you…we are all learning as we grow along our journeys.

Love and Light,



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