Intuitive Vision Board Reading


Did you know that your vision board is more than a manifestation tool?

Your Vision Board also acts as an oracle that shows you the healing you will be going through in the coming months along with your new adventures. When looked at from an Intuitive perspective there is so much more meaning in your board. All  images, words, colors, shapes, placement locations and layouts have messages for YOU from a Soul perspective.  Let’s dive in and see what your board is trying to tell you.

For more details see service description below.

Readings are video recorded and emailed to you. Nothing is left out, not even the back of the board or the sides.

30 minutes | $80


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Video Recording

Please email or text photos of your board including the front, back and sides. Please ensure the photos are clear.

During the zoom video reading Cara will share her screen such that your board is visible as she completes her reading.  She will use a pointer to show you the areas she is talking about so that you see the connection between the image and the message. By the end of the reading you will have a better understanding of your board from a manifestation perspective as well as from a Soul Path Level.

A video recording will be emailed to you within 7 business days.


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