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Dive Deep into whatever is going on in your life. Receive guidance and clarity as to what is the most important for your highest and greatest good.  What is it that may require clarification, cleansing, redefining and/or integration for you to live a more peaceful life true to you?

Cara will connect with your essential being to hear your guidance and messages that your higher self is wanting to share.  She will deliver this guidance in a manner that your mind, body and soul may receive it in harmony.

The session will begin  with intuitive counselling . You will uncover what is really going on and what your Soul is trying to tell you. Clarity arises and the mind begins to heal.  Any emotional healing typically emerges at this time as well. Cara then pulls an oracle card or two to affirm all that was discussed during the talk therapy.  It is uncanny how ‘bang on’ the cards often are, offering the ‘mind’ a place to settle.  Once the talk therapy has been completed and the oracle card(s) pulled, it is time for a therapeutic energy session.(For virtual details see description notes below).  You will lay, fully clothed, on a heated (if desired) massage table where you will receive a restorative energy healing session which includes  an energy cleanse, full body intuitive energy session, and a chakra alignment. Modalities such as Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Visceral Manipulation, Myofascial, Psychosomatics, Extractions, Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing are used during this time. Mental, emotional and physical healing occurs and the mind, body and soul truly come into balance….leaving you feeling alive, empowered and ready for life again.

The session will end with a brief overview of the insight that was received during the full body energy session and the drawing of a mini angel card for a moving forward amplification and assurance.

During this in-depth session you will get to the core of what is going on and gain clarity on what your guidance is from a Soul Perspective. Past clients have indicated they have received more out of a single  deep healing session with Cara then they had going to therapy or counselling for numerous sessions.

Sessions are offered Virtually or In-Person for Adults, Youth and Children. For a virtual session, please see the description notes below.  Note: Clients report the same outcome during a virtual session as they have received in-person.

Ages 16+,  3 hr  $333

Ages 10-15,  2 hr  $225

Ages 5-9,  90 minute $175

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Cara believes to get to root issues it can sometimes ‘take time’….peeling back the programmed subconscious protection and guarded responses requires a gentle, supportive, non judgmental and loving connection. No ‘forcing’ type energy. The ego must feel ‘comfortable’ enough to let its guard down for the healing to enter in.  We understand this built in protection mechanism has its place, but when it comes to getting to the root cause of an issue, it is not what we want leading the way.

For this reason, Cara offers a Healing Session where time is not the constraint for healing to occur. By releasing the internal pressure of time your mind relaxes, lets’ its guard down and allows your Souls’ truth to present. Cara connects energetically with your higher self and is able to ‘hear’ the defences within the mind so that she may present the messages and guidance for your ego to receive in conjunction with the mind and Soul.  She has a way about her that helps your ‘programmed defences’ relax such that your Soul may speak.

At the end of a Session you will feel more relaxed, clear, supported and WHOLE…gifting you the true essence of what it feels like to truly BE YOU.

What is the structure and associated fees? 

A typical sessions starts with approx 1.5-2 hours in talk therapy, then 30min with oracle cards and bringing it all together with 30min to 1hr of energy work.  There are times that inner child work is addressed and the session structure presents slightly different.

Sessions are $333 for an Adult (16+), $225 for a 2 hour Youth (11-15 years) and $175 for a 90 minute Child  (5-9 years).

You may feel this is a long time for a session, however, numerous clients have stated how fast the time flies by  🥰.  When you are connected to self, healing and integrating, time does not exist..  what we have found is what would typically take 3 to 4, one hour therapy sessions, you are now able to accomplish in ONE.

What if further healing is identified while in a session? 

There are times during these sessions that inner child work, shamanic healing and/or spiritual teaching (such as how to use crystals, astrology, your intuition, chakras, etc) presents.  During these instances Cara will bring it up, and discuss with you what it would look like to incorporate these aspects into a future  session.

If you are wanting to book a session specific to these aspects mentioned above please contact Cara and she will discuss booking options.

How often do I need a Deep Healing Session?

Once you receive  Deep Healing Session you typically will not need to return for a month or longer.  You may look at topping up with a restorative energy session or intuitive talk therapy session, but you typically will not need to receive another deep healing session for a month or more.  There are instances where more frequent deep healing sessions would be benefical. If this is the case, Cara will recommend you look into purchasing the DEEP HEALING JOURNEY, offered by Anam Cara.

How does a Virtual Session work?

Cara will send you a zoom link for your session. She recommends that you be in a space where you have privacy, and the ability to lay down and relax.  At the beginning of the session it will be just like having a zoom meeting  where you and Cara will connect with Intuitive Talk Therapy and the pulling of oracle cards. Next is the Restorative Energy Healing portion.  Prior to beginning the energy session, you will be asked to lay down and get comfy; some people like to curl up in a blanket and put their headphones on so they can hear the healing music better and feel more connected. Cara will then begin the energy work. If you choose to open your eyes, you will see Cara working on you as if you were laying on her message table. However, It is recommended to close your eyes and take in this time for you to relax, integrate, heal and restore. Soft music will be playing in the background as she begins the healing session. During the session there are times Cara is guided to share messages, other times she waits until the end and shares at that time. You may also feel guided to ask questions or share any thoughts or feelings that arise throughout the session or at the end. These are all part of the process, and Cara will help provide the intuitive insight that explains or goes along with those thoughts and/or feelings. The session will end with a brief overview of the insight that was received during the full body energy session and the drawing of a mini angel card for a moving forward amplification and assurance. Should you wish to record the session via zoom, you will have permission to do so.


Session time slots are 12:00pm, 6:30pm (Occasional  8:30am availability)

Note: on occasion a Tuesday or Wednesday will be swapped out for a Thursday   To help accommodate unique schedules.  Same time slots apply.


Session time slots for these Friday sessions are 8:00am or 8:30am.  (Please note it may take longer to get in during a Friday session as they are inly offered once per month)



Anam Cara has a  48 hour cancellation policy for all Services.  If less notice is given a $25 fee will be charged.  For same day cancellations or no shows, a full fee will be charged.  Special consideration may be given for individual circumstances.

*Information provided is for guidance only and is subject to your own interpretation. My services are not a substitute or meant to replace services by any physician or other health care professional.




y *Information provided is for guidance only and is subject to your own interpretation. My services are not a substitute or meant to replace services by any physician or other health care professional.

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Child (5-9 yrs) 90 min, Youth (10-15 yrs ) 2 hrs, Adult (16 yrs +) 3 hrs

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