2023 Year Ahead Reading – 12 Months


Discover what 2023 has in store for you.  

Receive a 12 month intuitive reading  that offers you guidance, direction and clarity to help you move forward on your Soul’s journey for 2023.  Your  intuitive reading will illuminate your months focus to help empower you in your experiences.  By having monthly knowledge, you will be able to better understand, plan and prepare for your life, from your career, family, friendships, soul growth and more.  I

Cara will connect with your energy, higher self, spirit guides and loved ones that have passed over and will then ask for guidance to take you through each month of your coming year. She will pull oracle cards to affirm the energy for each month and share with you guidance and insights to help you navigate each month, specific to you, for 2023. The reading starts with Cara offering an overall picture, like an overview of what  your guides are saying is the most important going on in your life.  She then moves into each mont telling you what your guides are wanting to share with you. The reading will end with an overall summary and she will send a written report within 10-15 business days of your purchase date.  The start date of your reading will be the day Cara completes your reading.



2023 Year Ahead Reading – 12 Months

Written Report emailed – $150

Please provide an email address for the reading to be forwarded to.

Feel free to purchase this as a gift for a loved one (as a gift certificate) or simply by providing their name and email address and let me know if you would like me to send them a note saying a gift has been purchased for them or if you would like to let them know yourself.

*Information provided is for guidance only and is subject to your own interpretation. My services are not a substitute or meant to replace services by any physician or other health care professional.



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Year Ahead 12 Month Reading

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