I have attended almost all of the Vision board workshops put on by Miss Cara and Miss Fawna. The reason I am so drawn to their workshops in particular is for several reasons; the energy and intention they bring is of pure love. The workshop begins with a guided meditation, I find this part grounding, relaxing and welcoming. You know sometimes when you take go to an event and you don’t really know anyone and it’s a bit awkward at first, well that never happens here. Everyone is warm, friendly and welcoming. On top of that, the meditation brings everyone together. It’s an extremely safe space. Before, after and during creating there are books to look up certain messages you may have picked for your board, there’s angel cards, crystals, lovely snacks and plenty of magnificent tea (if you’ve never had tea at Cara’s, this in itself is reason to go!). After everyone is done creating there is a sharing session where you show your board and all the beautiful intuitive minds share what they see in your board! It is an afternoon/evening of self discovery, love and light. I highly recommend taking/treating yourself to a dream board journey at Cara’s. A complete added bonus, some crazy amazing magical sky event happens, some may say it’s luck, I personally think it’s the universe gifting us for loving ourselves and one another for an afternoon we all deserve! Tania

Tania Jules