The Wellness Collection


This listing is for the entire Wellness Collection; full-sized bottles of ALL seven sprays by Anam Cara.

Use this collection to assist you along your Spiritual Path of OPENING the Door to YOU!  You will find all sprays play a role in your life experiences, and assist with the energies within those moments.


Each product we offer is always handmade, in small batches, and with the most sincere care and love. All blends are made using 100% Pure Essential Oils, witch hazel, and are blessed and infused with Reiki Healing to maximize the essential oils natural healing abilities. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in these premium products.

We design our sprays to have immediate effects upon the first spray. Simply shake a few times before each use.

Aromatherapy sprays are sold in 4 oz cobalt glass spray bottles.

All sprays are for external use only.




This listing is for the entire Wellness Collection, full-sized bottles of all seven sprays by Anam Cara.

  • Spiritual Awakening (lemon/frankincense/myrrh/witch hazel) Using this spray helps one center and connect as one with the universe and SELF. Use this spray prior to meditation, and when wanting to sink in to your truth, souls purpose, and love
  • Ancient Awakening (patchouli/bergamot/rose/lemon/witch hazel) Use this spray when wanting to awaken your innate knowing, wisdom, past life experiences, and higher-self.
  • Aura Cleansing (lavender/rosemary/lemongrass/chamomile/witch hazel) Use this spray to cleanse your aura after spending time in a crowd. For example, when you come home from shopping, or work; or when kids come home from school. This spray is also very helpful for people that have their hands’ on others for work (i.e.: hairdressers, message therapists). Great way to clear away energies that are not yours.
  • Deodorizing  (bergamot/eucalyptus/lemon/witch hazel) Use this spray to clear negative odors. Good for garbage areas, mudrooms, bathrooms and in general to just cleanse the air.
  • Purification (lemon/eucalyptus/rose/vanilla/alcohol) Use this spray to purify your space. I use this spray between clients, prior to workshops, visitors, or simply when I want the house to feel cleared and pure! This spray works with universal energy and clears negative to receive positive.
  • Breathe Easy (lavender/lemon/peppermint/witch hazel) Use this spray to minimize the effect of congestion and allergies and to help purify the air you breathe.
  • Sleepy Time (lavender/chamomile/witch hazel) Use this spray to relax prior to going to sleep for a restful sleep. Also really good to spray for calming, and reducing stress. I use this spray at bedtime and mist above me prior to going to sleep.

Aromatherapy sprays are sold in 4 oz cobalt glass spray bottles. Shake well before use.

Note: We don’t use alcohol in majority of our sprays. To avoid the risk of freezing during our cold Canadian winters, packages will be sent directly to the Canada Post office of your choosing for pickup.

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