Shamanic Healing

Below is a video providing a brief overview of what can be expected in each ‘type’ of shamanic service.

At Anam Cara, ALL Shamanic Sessions begin with a conversation; where we talk about what is going on in your life and what prompted you to book a session.  We will call in the directions to be with us, smudge the energy and get you comfortable laying on the couch as I begin to drum.  Drumming allows us to relax and become still.  It is in this state I am able to enter the energetic field to gather the appropriate information for each session (Power and Totem Animal Retrieval, Soul Retrieval, or Journey).  Once I have completed all my work in the energetic field, I gently bring you back from your relaxed state and relay all the information I have received to you.  The session ends with another smudge, energetic work to integrate your Spirit Animal or soul pieces back into your own being, and a bit more drumming over your body to end the session. 

Power Animal Retrieval:

A power animal is with you from the moment of conception until physical death in this life-time. It is here to help you align with your soul’s purpose and path. Every single human has a power animal with them, all it takes is allowing the Shaman to journey into the animal spirit dimension to find your power animal, bring it back and CONNECT it with your awakened mind, body, and soul.  When you receive your power animal you awaken it’s energy/medicine within you, and deepen your understanding of SELF. You may call on your Power Animal to help you through a difficult time, provide you with insight, and for protection.  Your Power Animal is excited to unite with YOU….allow this re-connection to occur and feel the gift of deepening your connection to YOU!

Totem Animal Retrieval: (Must already have your Power Animal)

A totem animal is an animal that enters during specific stages in your life.  These stages may be a short while or a long period, depending on the life lessons you are experiencing.  They are here to provide a message, guidance, strength, and protection to assist you along your divine path.  You will have many animal totems in this life-time, all it takes to find which animal is with you at this stage in your life is to allow the Shaman to journey into the animal spirit dimension, with your Power Animal, and find your totem to bring it back for you to receive it’s medicine and messages.  As you connect with your Totem Animal you will find you will pass through the experience with more understanding and wisdom.

Soul Retrieval:

A Soul Retrieval is a very healing practice, as it can leave one feeling more whole, connected, and safe.  During times of trauma (any type) or life altering events, it is understood that a piece of our soul actually breaks away from our being, as it is unable or unwilling to experience the trauma or event. Each soul piece that breaks away takes with it an energetic quality, leaving us feeling disconnected, lost, stuck, fearful, trapped, anxious, or “like something is missing”.  The Shaman journeys between the physical and spiritual worlds retrieving pieces of your soul that have been lost or fragmented during these times of trauma in your life-time and then returns to re-integrate these pieces of YOU back into your life in a healed form. To have a Soul Retrieval session one must already have their Power Animal with them.


When you are looking for extra guidance and perspective, and you already have your power animal, journeying is a way to travel and receive your souls higher guidance. Maybe you are experiencing a feeling of frustration, or you’re stuck, blocked, depressed or anxious? Your shaman will journey to the spirit realm and gather information to relay to you for your highest good, healing and clarity.