From Reiki newbie to Reiki Master with Anam Cara.

I have been blessed to experience Cara Marshall and her healing and teaching gifts as a student, a practitioner, a colleague and a friend.  I feel like I must have been truly divinely guided to be able to take all three levels of my Reiki journey with her. She is always open, generous, very grounded, compassionate and wise. She holds wonderfully sacred space for group classes, and one on one learning sessions which allows for flexibility in how the content is presented, she adjusts to the needs of whoever she is teaching. There is a true intuitive fluidity and spontaneity that is beautiful and supportive. She is incredibly thorough in her knowledge of Reiki and in various healing arts in general. This gives a depth and breadth of knowledge to her teaching that is unique among Reiki Masters and creates an expanded learning experience. Cara has a wonderful way of making you feel comfortable and at ease with her approachability and humor. Her sensitivity to energy and the intimate connection she has provides for a very powerful healing and learning experience! Her compassion and sense of spirit is evident in every session and class. She is able to stay very clear and grounded when holding space for another to heal, and learn, which is essential to letting the wisdom and power of Reiki grow.  Cara is a gift in the world.

Bobbie Deno