I can’t believe I didn’t do this course sooner! Reiki is incredible, I feel like everyone needs to take the course lol. But I really do feel like I’m changing so fast, and the way you taught me is so much more powerful than the way I’ve been doing it before. I can actually feel where my hands need to go and I feel so good after. I was really apprehensive about taking level 2 virtually as I didn’t know anything about how powerful distance Reiki is. I thought the attunement might not even work if we weren’t in the same room but that wasn’t the case at all!! We had so much fun over the video call and the attunement and exercises were more powerful than I ever imagined they would be, maybe even more so as I felt more comfortable at home and could feel energies more intensely. I highly recommend doing this course via FaceTime ! Thank you so much again for this amazing gift.

Shandel Challice