Reflection & Renewal : 2023 Vision Board REVIEW


January 13, 2023 (12:30-4:30)  

Space for 10 lovely Souls

Would you like to review your last year’s Vision Board (2023) in preparation for the New Year ahead (Spring Equinox 2024)?

In this workshop, Fawna and Cara invite you to bring your 2023 vision board for an afternoon of reflection, review, and renewal. You will have an opportunity to share your board in reflection, review what may be hibernating or germinating, and discover the areas to shine your inner light on during the winter months for you to spring forward into your 2024 Year Ahead. Fawna, Cara, and the others will offer intuitive insights as you share your board and we will wrap up the afternoon summarizing the collective energy to assist us all as we journey through the winter months.

Note: The in-person 2024 Spring Equinox Vision Board Workshop is a separate workshop and will be hosted on Saturday, March 16th. Click here for Details.

Please read the description section below for further details.  

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Workshop Location: Anam Cara’s Longview Acreage.  (roughly 3km East of Hartell).  Directions will be provided upon registration.
The intention for this workshop is that each participant will leave feeling more in alignment with the direction of their heart and soul for the upcoming year.  It is our suggestion, that during the winter months, you take the time to allow your awareness and intentions to grow within you.  By the Spring Equinox, the energy will call you to plant your seeds of intention into the world, and you will be ready to create your 2024 YEAR AHEAD VISION BOARD.  Click here for details.

Should you feel the call to ‘plant your seeds’, EARLIER THAN THE EQUINOX you have  afew options:

  1. Purchase a DIY Intuitive Vision Board Package that includes: a video-recorded guided meditation, a blank canvas, glue, markers, INTUITIVELY PICKED CLIPPINGS and an INTUITVE VISION BOARD READING. The packages will be mailed to you so that you may create them on your own time. CLICK HERE to PURCHASE a DIY Intuitive Vision Board Package  – with clippings and reading. Note: These boards are like oracle boards for your upcoming year, created in co-creation with your higher self.
  2. Purchase a Private Vision Board Workshop for yourself or a small group of your friends or co-workers. Click HERE for details.

During the Gathering, healthy food and refreshments will be provided. Should you have food sensitivities or allergies please bring along a lunch or snack for you to refuel.

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2023 Vision Board REVIEW

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